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Two of a Kind

Could something you can’t remember be the best decision of your life?

Maisie Sullivan is a hard-working marketing assistant from Milwaukee who wants nothing more than to earn a promotion and finally finish her college degree. But when she’s swept off her feet by a charming cowgirl while on a business trip to Las Vegas, she decides there’s no harm in having a little fun.

Drew Campbell is a no-nonsense Wyoming rancher with a talent for horse training. Her only goal in traveling to Las Vegas for a riding competition is to win enough money to pay off her family’s debts. But when a beautiful stranger catches her eye and then some, she figures she might as well let loose for a night on the town.

What takes place after that, neither can recall. But months after parting ways, when both their fortunes have fallen, they discover what happened in Vegas has followed them home. A quickie divorce will solve the problem, but each woman has something the other needs, and neither will budge until she gets her way.

They just want to get on with their lives, but will they end up falling in love with their wives?

Maisie, a busy marketing assistant from Milwaukee, has a one-night stand with Drew, a Wyoming rancher, in Las Vegas.

They don’t remember they got married until they face financial troubles. They want a divorce, but they also need each other.

Will they end up falling for their wives?

Main tropes & themes
Heat Level
Image of four flames to symbolize heat level 4
About this book


Contemporary Romance


Miranda MacLeod & TB Markinson


412 pages


ebook, paperback, audiobook

Audio length

8 hrs. 3 min.


Abby Craden

Release date

March 23, 2022



What readers say
Diane Wallace
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Lose yourself in Markinson & MacLeod's sumptuous love story of a ranch lady falling in love with a city woman in a sorta surprisingly unexpected way.
Gaby LezReviewBooks
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I love when T.B. Markinson and Miranda Macleod co-write a book because the reader is guaranteed fun, romance and heat in equal parts.
Carol Hutchinson
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I really loved reading this story. It was the right mix of fun, drama, and learning lessons only life can teach.
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