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The Setup

Can a weekend change your fate?

As soon as Rory Price’s plane touches down in Britain for her two-year work contract, she has big plans to see and experience everything she can. The one thing that isn’t on the 27-year old’s agenda is a relationship.

Tell that to her matchmaking British friend who sets Rory up on a coffee date on her first full day in the new country.

Imogen Wright doesn’t want any more complications in her life. The only thing she’s considering committing to is adopting a dog.

Their blind date starts off disastrous, but there might be more than meets the eye.

Will the two headstrong women continue to clash, or will they see what’s so obvious to their matchmaking friend?

Rory, an American adventurer, lands in Britain for work. Her British friend sets her up with Prin, a reluctant baker.

They have a terrible blind date, but their pets and friend see potential.

Can they get past their stubbornness and find love?

Main tropes & themes
Heat Level
Image of four flames to symbolize heat level 4
About this book


Contemporary Romance


TB Markinson


220 pages


ebook, paperback, audiobook

Audio length

4 hrs. 16 mins.


Ella Lynch

Release date

September 26, 2020



What readers say
Ameliah Faith
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This is an adorable story!! I just loved it! It’s a sweet, fun, light hearted tale with nothing to distract from the delightfulness.
Carol Hutchinson
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Just lovely and a story you can definitely enjoy again and again and never tire of the brilliantly fun times they shared.
Sandy Clark
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Read this now and for a few blissful hours you can forget about all the insanity of the world outside.
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