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The Proposal

Is a single day worth changing the course of your entire life?

Marley Royce has just two goals for her seventy-two-hour stay in London: land a career-making business deal and finally meet the woman of her dreams face to face.

Fate has something else in mind.

The mega conglomerate Marley works for wants to acquire the venerable but struggling Braithwaite Books. The centuries-old shop is owned by Cleo Braithwaite, a woman with a fierce and frightening reputation. Cleo turns out to be nothing like the rumors but refuses to sit still long enough to be dazzled by the meticulous spreadsheets and slides Marley has prepared to seal the deal. Instead of making her proposal, Marley soon finds herself on an impromptu walking tour of London with the charming Cleo.

Even though Marley has a dinner date that night with the woman she’s been chatting with online and was convinced was her soulmate, she can’t ignore the feelings her bewitching guide stirs up inside as they explore the historic city on foot. What’s more, the longer she’s with Cleo, the more Marley begins to question the business deal she’s been sent to make.

Should Marley stick with the plan, or is a single life-changing day with Cleo worth blowing up the future Marley was so certain she wanted?

Marley Royce is in London for two reasons: a business deal and a date with her online crush. But fate intervenes when she meets Cleo Braithwaite, the owner of the bookstore Marley’s company wants to buy.

Cleo takes Marley on a tour of the city, and sparks fly between them.

Marley faces a dilemma: should she follow her heart or her career?

Main tropes & themes
Heat Level
Image of four flames to symbolize heat level 4
About this book


Contemporary Romance


TB Markinson


174 pages


ebook, paperback, audiobook

Audio length

3 hrs. 42 mins.


Ella Lynch

Release date

January 22, 2022



What readers say
Vita L. Licari
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Two completely different women except for their love of books, writers and their history.
The attraction to one another is so strong.
Patricia Salazar
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I felt like I was the one walking with Cleo, and see sighting London I could see myself reacting like Marley!
It was so romantic, fresh and funny!
Alicia Reviews
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This was a beautiful story about two woman who found love unknowingly.
The writer does an amazing job of describing London.
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