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The Love Project

Can a long shot bring love to a couple of lonely hearts?

Joni Fisher is facing economic ruin. The once successful advice column she runs with her mother is on the brink of cancellation, and it’ll take a miracle to turn things around. Joni’s last-ditch effort to save her job and preserve her mother’s legacy is The Love Project, a web series she’s developing to bring the Help Me Henrietta franchise alive for a new generation. All she needs is a willing victim…er, star.

Hope Alvarez dreams of falling in love, but she’s always suspected she’s different. Physical attraction is a foreign language to her. After her only prospect for a meaningful relationship falls through, Hope has to face the fact that she’s completely hopeless when it comes to love. Can her favorite advice columnist, Henrietta, save her from a lonely future?

As the series gets underway, fans swoon for the lovable yet unlucky Hope, and they’re not the only ones. Joni is smitten, too. But she’s been down that road before, vowing never again to fall for a straight woman who will keep her forever in the friend zone. Except, what if she’s been reading the situation all wrong? Helping Hope make sense of her identity might save Joni’s job, but will it also bring her love?

Joni Fisher runs an advice column with her mother, but it’s in danger of being canceled. She creates a web series called The Love Project to revive it, and casts Hope Alvarez, a woman who struggles with attraction and love.

Joni falls for Hope, but thinks she’s straight.

Can they find their true selves and each other? This is a sapphic romance with a web series theme.

Main tropes & themes
Heat Level
Image of four flames to symbolize heat level 4
About this book


Contemporary Romance


Miranda MacLeod & TB Markinson


386 pages


ebook, paperback, audiobook

Audio length

8 hrs. 56 mins.


Lori Prince

Release date

February 17, 2021



What readers say
Gaby LezReviewBooks
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This is a slow-burn romance between two very endearing characters.
Markinson and MacLeod have very good writing chemistry and the novel reads smoothly as expected.
Lorraine Rusnack
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You need to read this refreshing story to find out. It’s funny, sweet and yes sexy.
These are two of my favorite authors and when they write a book together you know it’s going to be amazing.
Women Using Words
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The Love Project earns a solid, two thumbs up, for sure.
It contains diverse, well-developed characters involved in complex, interesting relationships.
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