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The Hidden One

Mock election. Real world danger. Ainsley’s relationship and reputation may not survive the campaign trail.

Still reeling from the targeted attack on her family, Ainsley is determined to keep a low profile during senior year. But a mandatory class project pulls her back into the political fray as the mock Democratic presidential candidate. With the entire campus watching, Ainsley knows it’s only a matter of time before her rival turns the spotlight on her and her secretive girlfriend.

Groomed from birth by her politically connected family, Ainsley knows she can handle the abuse. But shielding her girlfriend’s secrets is a matter of life or death. To protect the ones she loves, Ainsley will need to use every shrewd political move in the book.

The Hidden One is the captivating second book in a series of lesbian romantic suspense novels that shed light on modern American politics. If you like romance that defies the odds, a satirical take on current events, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love T.B. Markinson’s compelling tale.

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Ainsley is the mock Democratic candidate in a class project. Her rival threatens to reveal her and her girlfriend.

She learned politics from her family. But her girlfriend has deadly secrets. She must use her skills to save her love.

The Hidden One is a lesbian romantic suspense series about politics. If you like romance, satire, and twists, you’ll love T.B. Markinson’s tale.

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Main tropes & themes
Heat Level
Image of three flames to symbolize heat level 3
About this book


Romantic Suspense


TB Markinson


209 pages


ebook, paperback, audiobook

Audio length

7 hrs. 41 min.s


Lori Prince

Release date

September 12, 2018


The Chosen One Series

What readers say
Michelle Schuler
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T.B. Markinson creates strong woman with a past that they will overcome. Her character development is exceptional. I wish there was more to this series.
Carol Hutchinson
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I can’t recommend this story enough, and if you haven’t read The Chosen One you would benefit from doing so before reading The Hidden One but it could be read standalone too.
Marty Preslar
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The plot and pacing are superb. The political intrigue and is well wrought and the characters appreciation for history is always a plus. Highly recommended!
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