Book cover of The AM Show by TB Markison and Miranda MacLeod
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The AM Show

Would you give up your lifelong dream for a shot at everlasting love?

Amanda Morgan is a morning show host with a fierce reputation, but a bitter divorce has left her feeling all washed up. Being mistaken for a grandmother at her own son’s wedding has her teetering on the edge—until a stranger at the reception rocks her world.

Dakota Washington is a young reporter who is flabbergasted to meet her career idol—and biggest celebrity crush—at a friend’s out-of-town wedding. Their night together goes beyond her wildest fantasies. And she’s had a lot of them.

They were never meant to see each other again, until fate steps in, landing Dakota a job at Amanda’s network in New York City. Thanks to a draconian employment contract, the network could fire them on the spot for getting romantically involved. They agree to keep their distance and never breathe a word about their past.

Easy, right?

Except every time they’re alone for more than five minutes, they end up having sex. Soon, it’s obvious this is more than a fling, leaving them with an unthinkable choice: give up the careers they’ve poured their souls into or lose the love of a lifetime. Which one will be easier to walk away from?

Amanda Morgan, a divorced morning show host, has a one-night stand with Dakota Washington, a young reporter who admires her.

They part ways, but fate brings them together again at the same network in New York City. Their contract forbids romance, but they can’t resist each other.

Will they choose their careers or their love?

Main tropes & themes
Heat Level
Image of four flames to symbolize heat level 4
About this book


Contemporary Romance


Miranda MacLeod & TB Markinson


434 pages


ebook, paperback, audiobook

Audio length

10 hrs. 39 min.


Lori Prince

Release date

September 26, 2021



What readers say
Gaby LezReviewBooks
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The chemistry between the mains is believable and sizzling hot. Entertainment and escapism at their best. 5 stars.
Vita L. Licari
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I absolutely love this book! I couldn't put it down! You'll fall in love with Amanda and Dakota! The chemistry between them is hot!
Tierney Moore
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Super-high on chemistry, nails the target with its wit, and with banter I could read all day, The AM Show is everything I want in a romance.
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