Legal Information and User Agreement

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User Agreement

Introduction and Agreement

By using the website, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Additional contracts may also apply based on your relationship with me or the services you receive. In case of conflict, the additional contracts will prevail. These terms may be updated periodically. Your continued use of the website implies acceptance of the updated terms.

Communication and User Conduct

You consent to communicate with me electronically via the website or email. You agree to use my website responsibly, in accordance with my rules, the law, and standard online practices.

Actions that could harm the website or its performance are prohibited!

Content and Intellectual Property

I own all rights to the website and its content.

You are not permitted to use the website’s content beyond what is allowed by law or granted by my written permission. My website may offer communication tools like blog comments. I reserve the right to review, monitor, and remove any content.


Despite any previous statements, I encourage you to share my newsletter with others who might be interested in my website and my books.

However, please note that the content of the newsletter is intended for personal use and should not be used for commercial purposes without our explicit consent.

Additionally, when forwarding the newsletter, please ensure that it is done so in its entirety to maintain the integrity of the information provided. I appreciate your cooperation and your help in spreading the word about my website and my books.

Warranties, Liability, and Indemnification

The website and its content are provided “as is” without any guarantees. I am not liable for any damages you incur from using my website, up to the total price you paid to me. You agree to cover any costs or damages resulting from your violation of these terms.

Breaches of these Terms and conditions

If you don’t follow my terms and conditions, I can take steps I think are needed. This could include stopping your access to the website for a while or forever, asking your internet provider to block your access, or even taking you to court.

Termination of use

I can change or stop access to my website at any time, and I’m not responsible for any impact this may have on you or others. You won’t get any compensation if you lose access to features, settings, or content you’ve added.

You’re also not allowed to try and get around any restrictions I’ve put on my site.

Legal information

Privacy, Cookies, and Data Collection

To use my website or services, you might need to provide some information about yourself e.g. during registration to comment. You agree to provide information that is always true and current.

Please note that my website uses cookies to enhance your user experience.

I have a privacy policy and a cookie policy that address questions you might have regarding my cookie policy, what data I collect and what steps I take to protect your privacy.

Third-party Websites

My website contains links to other websites.

However, I don’t monitor or review the content of these linked websites. If these websites offer products or services, their own terms and conditions apply. Also, any opinions or material on these websites are not necessarily agreed upon or endorsed by me. Furthermore, I’m not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these sites.

You take on all risks associated with using these websites and any related third-party services. I won’t accept any responsibility for any loss or damage in any way, caused by your disclosure of personal information to third parties.

Affiliate marketing

I use affiliate links on this website. For more details, please check out my affiliate disclaimer.


These terms are governed by U.S. law. Any disputes will be resolved in U.S. courts.


Should there be any updates to my Legal Information and User Agreement, they will be posted on this page. I recommend checking this page regularly for any changes or updates.


I welcome your questions, comments, and requests regarding this Legal Information and User Agreement.

Feel free to reach out via email or otherwise to TB Markinson, PO Box 547, Bolton, MA 01740.


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