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All Wrapped Up In You

A saboteur. A bookstore in trouble. A writer on the verge of ruin.

After a painful divorce, Mathilda “Mat” Kincaide has one clear vision. Ascend the throne of her family’s cherished chain of bookstores. Yet a mysterious troublemaker lurks in the heart of her store, intent on derailing Mat’s every ambition. She can’t be distracted, even if the new hire with her sizzling librarian appearance and saucy glances tempts Mat to bend her no relationship rule.

Camdyn Stone is a gifted writer. Or at least she was. With a looming deadline, Camdyn must complete a manuscript before Christmas or face financial ruin. Working at Kincaide Books is a refuge for this self-doubting one-hit-wonder. If only Camdyn could find inspiration for her next book in someone other than her sexy new boss.

In a whimsical bookstore, with eccentric patrons and a snarky cat, Mat and Camdyn must work together to save the Kincaide legacy.

But will they find love along the way?

Join Mat and Camdyn on a heartfelt journey where love unfolds, passions flare, hearts collide, and the quest for true love takes root in the most unexpected of places. In this captivating sapphic romance novel, love weaves a tale with an intensity that transcends all boundaries.

Mat Kincaide wants to run her family’s bookstores, but someone is sabotaging her plans. She doesn’t need distractions, especially from Camdyn Stone, the new hire who is also a struggling writer.

Camdyn needs to finish her book by Christmas, but she can’t stop thinking about her hot boss. In a quirky bookstore, with a snarky cat and odd customers, Mat and Camdyn team up to save the Kincaide empire.

But will they also find love? Follow Mat and Camdyn on a romantic adventure where love blossoms, sparks fly, hearts beat, and true love grows in the most unlikely places.

In this enchanting sapphic romance novel, love tells a story that breaks all barriers.

Main tropes & themes
Heat Level
Image of four flames to symbolize heat level 4
About this book


Contemporary Romance


TB Markinson & Adrian J. Smith


306 pages


ebook, paperback

Audio length


Release date

October 13, 2023



What readers say
Carol Hutchinson
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What made this so special was the touch of humour injected in each and every chapter that had me laughing and crying at the same time because some of it, you really just couldn’t make up.
Cameo Burton
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What an amazing duo to write such a fantastic book. So funny and entertaining. The cat is a great addition as well. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mat and Camdyn’s story.
Ngoni Brian
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There was always one way a collaboration of great writers turn out. This Mat and Cam's story is beautifully written, and well crafted that you just can't put it down.
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