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A Woman Ignored

Can Lizzie come to terms with her past to have a future with her wife and child?

Historian Lizzie Petrie remains nothing more than a lesbian in her bitter mother’s eyes. The suppressed hurt of that superficial assessment means she still catches herself off guard when thinking of Sarah as her wife. The couple has endured the fallout of Lizzie’s insecurities and set-up house in Fort Collins, Colorado. Now their relationship is about to be tested again.

When her wife announces she wants to have a baby, Lizzie panics. A baby? The thought of sucking an egg from her ovary and implanting the resulting embryo into Sarah’s womb terrifies her. Lizzie constantly worries if she’ll make a good mother.

Just when she starts to make peace with the idea, Lizzie’s estranged family enters her life again. The news is anything but good, and she finds herself wondering how to make amends with her aloof mother, stranger of a father, and self-centered brother.

Deep down, Lizzie is more loving and caring than she ever gives herself credit. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to open a woman’s eyes to her full potential. But at what price?

Lizzie Petrie, a historian, struggles with her mother’s narrow view of her as a lesbian and her own insecurities in her marriage to Sarah.

Living in Fort Collins, Colorado, their relationship faces a new challenge when Sarah wants a baby, a prospect that terrifies Lizzie.
As she grapples with potential motherhood, her estranged family reenters her life with troubling news.

Amidst these trials, Lizzie learns to recognize her own capacity for love and care, often triggered by adversity. But this self-realization comes with its own costs.

Main tropes & themes
Heat Level
Image of four flames to symbolize heat level 4
About this book


Women's Fiction


TB Markinson


208 pages


ebook, paperback, audiobook

Audio length

7 hours and 55 minutes


Stephanie Murphy

Release date

February 23, 2015


A Woman Lost Series

What readers say
Les Rêveur
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This is definitely my favourite book in the series so far.
Carol Hutchinson
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If you haven’t yet discovered Lizzie and the Woman Lost Series it’s not too late.
Michelle Schuler
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I love this series by T.B. Markinson.
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