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A Woman Complete

Lizzie is starting to figure out life, right when fate decides to destroy every facet of her world.

After the birth of her son and adopting a daughter, Lizzie learns her latest book deal is toast. But that’s not all. External forces are out to ruin Lizzie’s career and reputation, threatening her ability to support and protect her wife and four children. But who is behind the attacks? And why?

Simultaneously, a mom-bully has set her sights on Lizzie and a crackpot social media group is spreading malicious rumors about Lizzie.

As Lizzie’s world crumbles around her, she can’t burden her wife, since Sarah is struggling to recover from a caesarean. Lizzie turns to a new friend, but will they be able to stop the destruction before Lizzie loses everything she’s worked so hard to get?

A Woman Complete is the epic conclusion to the much-loved A Woman Lost series of contemporary lesbian romances. If you like fully-formed characters, complicated family dynamics, and well-crafted prose, then you’ll love T.B. Markinson’s heartwarming series.

Lizzie’s book deal is gone and someone is out to destroy her career and reputation. She has to protect her wife and four children from the attacks, but Sarah is recovering from a caesarean. Lizzie finds a new ally, but can they save Lizzie’s life before it’s too late?

A Woman Complete is the final book in the A Woman Lost series of lesbian romances. If you love complex characters, family drama, and engaging writing, then you’ll love T.B. Markinson’s touching series.

Main tropes & themes
Heat Level
Image of four flames to symbolize heat level 4
About this book


Contemporary Romance


TB Markinson


310 pages


ebook, paperback, audiobook

Audio length

8 hrs. 51 mins.


Stephanie Murphy

Release date

March 19, 2020


A Woman Lost Series

What readers say
Carol Hutchinson
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As usual there was a lot of drama and a lot of fun to be had. Life is never simple for Lizzie, Sarah, and the extended family, which just adds so much to these stories.
Loek Krancher
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Despite all those nasty entanglements, there are plenty of fun things happening around Lizzie too. Readers, be prepared for this vertiginous and fascinating roller coaster of Lizzie's life.
Michael Wells
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It is a wonderful comforting book and the characters are wonderful and very heartwarming. I recommend this book For all who like family love and drama.
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