Book cover of A Shot at Love by TB Markinson
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A Shot at Love

Can the sassy American win the shy Brit?

Josie Adams had a brilliant speech writing career in American politics – until a scandal destroyed everything. Unsure what to do with the rest of her life, she moves home with her mother in the Cotswolds.

Journalist Harriet Powell ditched London after getting sacked and divorced within six months of each other. She hopes to find peace in the village, but after meeting Josie, Harry’s world will never be the same.

While the two don’t see eye to eye on the professional front, it’s hard to deny their connection, even if Josie’s mum is determined to set Josie up with anyone who isn’t Harry.

Can the two conquer their personal and professional struggles to let the other in?

Josie Adams was a successful speech writer in US politics, but a scandal ruined her career. She returns to her mother’s home in the Cotswolds, feeling lost.

Harriet Powell is a former journalist who left London after a double blow of losing her job and her marriage. She seeks tranquility in the village, but meeting Josie changes everything.

They clash over work, but they can’t ignore their attraction, despite Josie’s mum’s matchmaking attempts.

Can they overcome their challenges and open their hearts?

Main tropes & themes
Heat Level
Image of four flames to symbolize heat level 4
About this book


Contemporary Romance


TB Markinson


354 pages


ebook, paperback, audiobook

Audio length

11 hrs. 10 mins.


Gabrielle Baker

Release date

March 10, 2020



What readers say
Kitty McIntosh
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It made me happy and I love T.B. Markinson for taking me to such a wonderful place and letting me be a part of it.
Em Lewis
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This romance set in a charming English village and the story full of English wit and some Americanisms thrown in.
Carol Hutchinson
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I genuinely loved every second of reading this book. There was absolutely nothing that I didn’t adore.
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