Illustration of a woman of color sitting on a stack of books and reading

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Illustration of a woman sitting on a stack of books and reading

Newest Release

In a whimsical bookstore, two hearts collide in a quest to save a legacy, finding unexpected love along the way.

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In the heart of Nashville two women find themselves entangled in a love story that could shatter their worlds or make them whole.

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Two rival lawyers, bound by a shared past and a high-stakes case, grapple with ambition, secrets, and an undeniable chemistry.

About TB Markinson

You landed on my website and don’t want to click on About (yet) to find out more about me?

Well, then in short, my name is TB Markinson and I’m the lesbian authors of sapphic romance novels.

I’m a US American writer based in Massachusetts. I’ve been lucky enough to live in Britain for six years and in Ireland for a year and a half.

When I’m not writing, I travel the world, watch sports on the telly, visit pubs in New England, or read. Not necessarily in that order.

I run the website I Heart SapphFic.

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